Meena, LA, USA

I wanted to share one more of the beautiful things Raga has returned from eNgenius with… She has been playfully witnessing herself and so nice it is to watch! She just innocently narrates the whole thing to us as it happens, real time. Recently she’s been witnessing when she is about the compare (and complain) about something (usually has something to do with her brother Cyrus). So she’ll just say, I was about to compare … but I’m choosing to accept. Many times I think to myself, wow if we were all this simple! If we all just put into practice the these basic teaching our world would be drastically different! Although we can constantly try to undo the conditioning of childhood, why not just try our best to not let the conditioning in to being with? Why not give them the right understanding and environment so they can express their highest potential NOW?

–          Cathy Chepenik about her daughter Meena, LA, USA