Vikas, TX, USA

Vikas is not thinking of Material things any more, like toys, clothes, He is not playing video games which is there in the house.  He had a great break through with TV. He is not asking me for cartoons. He asks for Avatar movies like Last Air Bender. He comes and says what good thing in it. He is watching Mahabarath daily for some time. Initially my Husband try to take him for movie, but he said, “It says don’t go” he did not go to movie and my husband had to stop the movies.

He is not even eating cake if it has egg. He himself reads all the labels and tells me. If he has conflict, he closes his eyes, then comes back and says what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He is very calm and relaxed. He reads lots of books.

–          Supraja Bhagwan, DALLAS, TX