Discovery Learning

Discovery is an inspiration of curiosity. Child like inquisitiveness and curiosity leads of inventions and discoveries. Scientific temper is one of the essential parts of daily life. Curiosity and imagination are very important component for a growing child. They become great learners, performers & analysts by mastering the skill of curiosity & imagination. It provides them an opportunity to improve the lateral thinking skill.

They learn their lessons with the why, when, where, and how approach. Science of discovery initiates the problems solving skills and they become independent divergent thinkers. Science of discovery gives them the sense of exclamation, spontaneity and passion towards learning.

Practical approach of discovery learning makes the children feel happy because they can view the results. It also ensures active participation from the children. Discovery learning provides self motivation; which in turn enhances their learning capacity. The science of discovery provides the children the ability to differentiate between what is logical learning and creative learning. Learning the language of science of discovery is natural for all and starts from birth.

With the basic principles of discovery, our children can understand how things work. Always children are known to learn how things work with the trial and error approach. They play and learn through the process of enjoying the moment. Teaching the science of discovery actually starts from home. Art, Dance, Museums, parks, forests & zoos are some of the places where our children can learn the basic skills of science of discovery.