Experience of love is important than the object of love.


All human beings are born as loving beings. A newborn baby radiates causeless love. Does she know anyone around her at birth? No! Her energy is causeless love. As children grow, society instills fear and greed in them and they orient their love outward, based on greed and fear. Then it is no longer causeless love. It is love with a reason. It becomes suffocating. They start feeling other emotions like jealousy, fear and anger. They start to experience love only with a cause, for a reason. But with a little understanding, awareness and support from us, it is possible to sustain their original causeless love.

When they were alone in the mother’s womb, they were completely loving and blissful. In their aloneness in the womb they experienced their loving self. That is why we will see them assume the fetal posture whenever they lie down with insecurity. Blissful aloneness is their/our original nature. Once they came into the world, we start conditioning them to believe that they need people and outward things to be loving, loved and happy. We never nurture their original quality. Our original quality is blissful aloneness. Let us help children stay in touch with themselves and they will settle down and feel peaceful and relaxed within themselves.

Try this meditation technique with your child:

For a few minutes every day, sit with your child. After closings their eyes, tell them to feel overflowing love towards themselves. Tell them: “Feel what a wonderful being you are.  Feel yourself as part of everything and love yourself for it. Melt with the feeling of love for yourself.” You can also tell them to feel love for each parts of their body.

If you practice this with your child everyday you will see that they will  become soft and loving, not hard and self-centred. When they deeply settle down within themselves with peace and love, their natural state, bliss will explode in them. When their nervous system is cleaned by peace, bliss will explode. They will start expressing the same bliss that is expressed in the enlightened master’s body language.

Children who are settled with deep love for themselves are able to receive, express and radiate love.

Existence is not a thing. It is a living energy. Every single tree, every single stalk of a plant responds to your love and hate, your very thought reflects you.

Cleve Backster*, a polygraph expert, has conducted several experiments to examine the response of plants to human emotions and thoughts. A simple thought by a person about burning the leaves of the plant would register erratic movement in the polygraph recording of the plant! Backster* called this response ‘Primary Perception’ – the ability of plant, animal and human cells to perceive and respond to any thought.

We need to teach children to understand, that relationships can happen causelessly, without any reason. Only then they will understand that the experience of love is much more important than the object of love.

You must have at least one relationship in your life that exists for no reason.