Love Is Different From Respect

Very often love is confused with respect. From young age, children are brought up to always show respect but never to show love. We teach children, ‘ You should respect elders.’, we hardly tell them ‘You should love elders.’.

Respect sows first guilt in them; they start to believe they are something inferior/different. It makes them feel separate from the others to whom they show respect. On the other hand love sows the seed of joy and unity in them. It makes them connected with the others and with everything around them in existence.

With respect there is fear. With love there is authentic respect as well as the scope for deep understanding to happen. With respect alone, not much understanding is possible. With love there is a possibility for tremendous understanding and transformation to happen. Loves by its very nature is transforming. It softens and melts you.

Respect creates distance between us and the others. Loves bridges the distance between us and others. With love, respect is automatic and authentic. With pure respect, the appearance of love is forced and may never be authentic.

Meditation – feel the Love overflowing in you

Sit down comfortably with the children and close your eyes.

Focus on your heart region. Exclude everything else. Focus only on the heart.

Visualize your heart as an endless reservoir from where blessings can flow.

Feel every heartbeat deeply. Let every beat resound throughout your body.

Between the heartbeats, feel the energy of love happening.

In the deepest parts of your body, mind and soul, the love energy is waiting to be acknowledged. Invite the love energy of the heart to flow and fill these deepest parts of your body, mind and soul.

Slowly open your eyes and feel the love in everything around you. You will feel very happy and satisfied.