What is the measure of intelligence?


Can we measure intelligence?

Is there a global standard to measure intelligence?

Right from school, we use standard benchmarks to determine a person’s so-called level of intelligence. In the grading system used from elementary school to the university, we compare and grade all students for various skills and aptitudes.

One child might be good in science and another may have a natural talent for music. But both are graded on the same scale in science, and both are graded on the same scale in music. Now, how does one decide which child is ‘more intelligent’?

If the intelligence is measured based on performance in science, the child with the interest in science will be declared more intelligent.

We need to understand an important concept here. One type of intelligence is required to be a poet and to be a scientist one needs another kind of intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to respond to a situation or challenge. As the context differs, the dimension of intelligence that responds also differs.

Everyone is born intelligent – it is a question of just discovering each one’s unique dimension of intelligence.

Spontaneity – straight-forward intelligence.

We have a natural intelligence inside us. Spontaneity is the straightforward intelligence. If you blindly imitate another person’s performance or behavior instead of acting from your own inner spontaneity, your own intelligence, you will be cheating yourself out of the wonderful possibilities in store for us.

Knowledge is good only when applied intelligently. It is intelligence that gives the real result, not the knowledge itself. When the knowledge is applied in the right place at the right time, it is intelligence. Intelligence is ability to respond to any situation.

Intelligence is when you respond to a situation in a more creative and constructive way. Intelligence is nothing but the ability to respond to life moment by moment, to be awake to face the challenges life throws at us. Intelligence is to be aware of the situation to alter your answer according to the demands of the moment.

Learning is expanding your knowledge spectrum. Expressing the knowledge spontaneously is intelligence.