Kids get it!

– a sharing & testimonial by Ma Tetyana Lytviak, Canada

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As a mother, I’ve always felt that it was my responsibility to help my children know that they are amazing beings and that they can do anything! I saw this in them as babies. I was head over heals in love and life was such a joy with them! So what changed? Why did they start mirroring so much insecurity as they grew older? Why did’t they always believe me when I told them they could heal themselves, that they could do anything and that they are amazing? Why did we start struggling?

I started to see that they were mirroring my own insecurities, insecurities that started to surface more and more as I continued my journey as a mother.  I started to look within, started to heal myself, started to feel like I needed to start clearing myself and believing in myself if they were to do the same. Thus began my intense seeking to find my own truth and embrace myself completely … I started writing, dancing, singing, drumming- and finally meditating and practicing yoga under the guidance of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I started to come undone as I faced myself and moved through my fears.

My yoga practice helped.  Sometimes I got why I was fighting with life and creating chaos and sometimes not.  Sometimes, I was still asking myself, “When will I get it and experience harmony and create the life I want?”

Recently, I did get it! I was hosting the first Nithyananda Parenting Webinar when mother and teacher, Ma Advait, shared the experience of what happened when her son broke his arm. It was practically dangling as he held it up and calmly came to show her that he had broken his arm. He felt no pain. Her son was taught at an early age that he could focus on the pain and go beyond it. When Ma Advait saw her son she felt pain- and this is where her reaction differed from mine! She told him that he was in the space of a child and he felt no pain and that she was in the space of an adult and was not taught the space of a child so she felt pain. She told him to stay in his space and let her work with her inner space. Her son clearly understood where he was- the space of a child, possibility, and no pain, while his mother was in the space of an adult, feeling pain and working through to complete it.

I saw that I would have told my kids that it was possible to focus on the pain and go beyond it while being in denial of my own doubts and pain inside. The kids would pick up on what was happening in me and they would feel doubtful. I immediately understood why we all experienced so much confusion, chaos and struggle in the past. I was trying so hard to get it right but I was missing what was. I was in denial of life and teaching confusion.  I felt a huge relief in hearing Ma Advait speak because I realized that it was ok for me to be where I was … I didn’t have to reject my feelings or be anything else to save my kids. They are already amazing! All I had to do was clearly explain what was happening for me and create a different space for them. Kids get it.

Tetyana Lytviak is a mother of two beautiful children & a former school teacher, a Nithya Yoga teacher, co-founder of Power Tree Publishing which recently published her first children’s book – “Kiki and the Pink Dragon” and most recently, a Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya teacher aiming to help transform our current system of education. She currently resides in Calgary, Canada with her family.

Ma Rishi Advaitananda is the principal of Nithyananda Gurukul who, in addition to running a successful school in Chennai and a Gurukul in Bidadi, also runs Parenting and Mentoring workshops for parents and teachers on a monthly basis. Ma Advait as she is fondly known, also conducts monthly 21-day residential en-Genius workshops for children from 4 to 14 years.