Testimonials from Parenting workshops held in 2013


“In that 3-hour session, it created so much awareness in me as a parent and literally at the end of the session, I came out feeling that every parent on planet earth should have this knowledge and understanding of the “Space of a Child”! This extraordinary workshop fundamentally changed my parenting approach and my relationship with my son. Now it is such a beautiful communion at the Being level where pure love, innocence and possibilities blossom, literally I experience him as a divine being. Every parent should experience this space because when a child is able to stay in this space, he/she will be happy, loving, balanced and creative.”

Founder of “The Owl Company” & “Your Presence Heals”, Featured Author of “Adventures in Manifesting”, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Healer – Singapore

“The program is an awakening into the subtle layers and root drivers of my own inherited and assumed parenting techniques. I am finding each of the 4 classes thus far as both as awakening and empowering. I am taking responsibility for making life altering cognitive shifts in my own inner space and it is releasing much angst, resistance, guilt, helplessness and blame to make way for possibility, trust, empowerment, flow, harmony, excitement and joy.”

A participant from – Vancouver, Canada

“What an interesting workshop, to view Parenting from a practical and spiritual angle. Very useful tips. Looking forward to learn more!”

– Teacher, Early Childhood Education – Wellington, New Zealand

“Very interesting to learn how children pick up habits, illnesses and at the same time can heal so quickly! I would like to learn more about the Science of Completion. I wish there were more teachers like Ma Advait coming to New Zealand to help the children here who have so many allergies”

– Ayurvedic Doctor, Wellington, New Zealand