Ma Nithya Sathya Mayananda: Inner Awakening Kids in Haridwar, 2014

My name is Ma Nithya Sathya Mayananda. I attended Inner Awakening Kids in Haridwar.

Testimonial from Inner Awakening Kids Haridwar 2014

Before attending Inner Awakening Kids, I was so confused and didn’t  know how to live my life without any problems. The first day of the program, I felt so bored and didn’t want to attend the program even though it was so nice. Then, day by day I understood that life is so simple and I am the one who is making it complicated.

Then I completed all my incompletions and learnt how to live life without problems. We enjoyed on the banks of Ganga with Swamiji and also I had many incompletions with my mother and with my family. Now I am completely fine with them. I also learnt there is no life when you don’t listen to your self and others and there is no life when you have vested interest. So ,we learnt how to live life without any vested interest by doing the workshops and also learnt to listen to ourselves and everything around us. Now I am becoming more responsible and taking more responsibility. I would request and recommend every one of you to please attend Inner Awakening Kids. Thank you.