Inner Awakening Kids FAQs


1.     What is the Inner Awakening Kids Program like?

The program is uniquely designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda towards holistic development in a child moving them to a higher dimension while they enjoy, laugh and play learning the science of the Vedic world.

2.     Do the parents need to be in the Ashram during 21-day program?

One Parent/ Legal Guardian must be in the Ashram during program.

3.     Will parents be allowed to attend the eN-Genuis program?

No. You may register yourself for the Inner Awakening Retreat or as a volunteer for other Ashram duties.

4.     What is the daily schedule for my child?

Children will be participating in Yoga, Pranayama, Theatre, Vedic Science, Meditation, Arts and Crafts, Quantum Memory, brain yoga, fun games and activities held indoor and  outdoor.

5.     Where will my child sleep?

The child will be staying with the parents in the Ashram premises.

6.     What do I do if my child has some allergies?

Please give the details to the Program Co-ordinator and we will follow any special instructions you provide.

7.     What kind of food will be provided?

Kid-friendly Continental Sattvic Vegetarian food (Raw/cooked fruits, vegetables, Indian bread, rice, lentils, soups etc) will be provided.

8.     What should my child wear?

Please have your child wear something loose and simple as we will have many physical exercises and games.

9.     What should my child avoid to bring?

Gaming equipment or expensive items, jewellery etc.

10.  What happens if my child gets sick?

Parents are fully responsible for their child when they are sick.  Medical help will be available 24 hours a day.

11.  Tell me about the staff coordinating the program?

Trained staff will be taking care of the children with great compassion and respect for their being.

12.  I will be taking the Inner Awakening program. Will my child be taken care of for the entire duration of my sessions if my child is registered in the program?

Yes. In case you are attending the Inner Awakening program and are late for picking up your child because of program delays, we will take care of the children until you come and pick them up.

13. What are the timings of the Inner Awakening Kids program

A typical day starts at 5am with Yoga and ends at about 9pm with the children handed over to the parents/guardians.

14. Will we be able to meet our children during the day?

Parents are encouraged to meet their children and spend time during breakfast, lunch and dinner time. During other times they will be busy attending the program.