Nithyananda Mentoring FAQs

01. Why choose Nithyananda Mentoring

  • Schools that would like to adopt the Quantum theory of Excellence in bringing up children of the future can choose this program for their teachers.

02. What is the benefit of this course

  • The teachers can help children become better listeners, have higher memory, confidence, high self esteem and are more creative and innovative. They transform into happier and smarter children.

03. What is the target age group of children

  • Teachers handling children from 0 to 21 years

04. How is this program better than other Teacher Training workshops and books

  • All other workshops teach how to groom the teachers but here we teach the teacher how to transform the entire behaviour of the child.

05. How can I implement this program throughout the year so that teachers stay engaged

  • We have continuous workshops and downloadable courses

06. Where is the program conducted

  • The program is conducted at the school or through online courses

07. Who can I contact if I need some clarifications

  • You may contact any of our worldwide city coordinators: Click here

08. How long will it take for me to see the results

  • You will begin to see immediate changes in yourself and your students once you start implementing the concepts you’ve learnt in your class

09. Why is this a better way than the regular teaching methodologies

  • The regular methodologies tell you to speak to the mind of the child, it is like controlling our mind which is impossible. In Nithyananda Mentoring, we teach the deeper understanding of life so they can relate to themselves and follow their inner purpose.

10. I have a teenage child, does it work for them

  • This program is applicable for all children from 0 to 21 years

11. How will my child follow these concepts in the society

  • They can follow all these concepts anywhere, it is a high self-esteem science giving them enough understanding of life to be leaders of tomorrow

12. Once a while if we get upset and shout at the children is it ok

  • It is never ok to shout at children or for that matter even shout at an adult. If it happens, you need to handle the situation with compassion – we will let you know how you can handle those situations in the best way

13. Where is this program implemented

  • Currently we have schools all over India where this is very successful and many cities around the world will be joining us soon!

14. Will it not contradict with the ideology of my school

  • There is no religious, geographic or cultural sentiments in the program. This is universally implementable.

15. If one teacher follows the program and the others do not follow, will it work

  • Yes. This program will work even if one teacher is teaching and other teachers and/or parents avoid following. If everyone participates it becomes easy and beneficial to all.

16. How will we know that the child has understood the concept

  • From 4 to 7 years, children understand the teachings as a lifestyle but may not be able to answer questions
  • Children above 7 years will grasp the right understanding and be able to explain, as they are not yet conditioned in life.