eN-Vidyalaya FAQs


01. What all will be covered in eN-Vidyalaya? Will it be related to Vedic learning?

Nithya Dhyan, Brain Body Yoga, Chanting, LE Discussion/activities, ART, Theatre ( vedic stories), Dance, Seva (blogging etc)

02. How does it benefit the child?

Brings in clarity/attention and regenerates the possibilities for a child, making sure they don’t fall into the mind-pit.

03. What does a parent get by sending the child to eN-Vidyalaya ?

The child is able to enjoy life without getting disturbed ( less tantrum , upset, aggressive, stress, frustration ..)

The child is more sharp and intelligent ( better grades in school)

The child is more spontaneous (intelligence happens)

Confident and better personality. (not shy, withdrawn, no fear )  & many more that you will witness…..

04. Will it be effective if it is done only one day a week for 2/3 hrs?

A child shares his authentic experience unlike the adults who share mostly their knowledge or their story of what happened. Yes , as a child they all will be constantly trying the experience and share with all others in different sessions.

05. How do we select the teacher ?

We can select someone who is sensitive to children and then get them on to the training. At the end of training we evaluate them.

06. Should we do ART / Theater / Vedic math as per your design ?

It is upto the co-ordinators to select as per their skill / interest. But basically they need to follow Nithya Dyan, Yoga and LE discussion/activities.

07. Will we get an updated content next year?

Yes we will be constantly updating with Swamiji’s truths.

08. When can we start the program?

If we have 4/5 children we can start.

09. What materials do we need?

Nothing except a printer to print the art and activity sheets, teacher manual etc..

Some art material will do. Teacher can design some props using the charts etc.

10. Who will help us with Legal details?

We are working with local centers to get the legal details.

1) Can you share specific cases of children before & after attending this set of program?

Children who had any emotional problem – ALL have changed with more clarity / attention and a possibility of happening not getting into the ups and downs of life. When the inner chatter is addressed directly by Swami’s message for children they get back to the original self and repeated “clicks” from every week puts them to a clear mind state. So when the mind is clear they are very creative, intuitive and they apply the message when required in life.

2) Are you able to provide a more scientific explanation of the process that children will be going thru?

1. We have many studies on how happy child is a better learner / smarter learner and spontaneous intelligence.

2. Powerful Nithya Dyan meditation and other ancient mediation have always proven to bring amazing results

3. Right Brain activities have proven its unique stimulant to awaken the non mechanical parts of the brain

4. Vedic Culture / Stories imbibe a sense of life that is about greater truth

5. Sanskrit chanting also has been proven to stimulate various part of the brain

We have some take-home meditation, games and worksheets/ projects that will reiterate the whole concepts for them throughout the week

3) Can you share any concrete results of the children who had attended the programme?

A child of age 8 who was wanting to commit suicide due to the pressure of society / parents is now leading the class, his grades have gone up to be the best in the class.

A child who was emotionally upset all the time started showing great interest in being assertive.

The child who was shy and withdrawn was able to understand how her ego is stopping her to be that person and is becoming open

Anger and aggressive child changed to become compassionate

Even ADHD child is able to understand and become more compassionate with his parents