Enlightened Education

eN-Education is based on consciousness, compassion, creativity and confidence. It has the vision of giving children &  families an opportunity to discover the Indigo Children.

For that to happen, it is important that we teach the children Living Enlightenment concepts as early in their lives as possible. These truths from the vedic civilization are already ingrained in children and it is only over the period of time they forget them. By teaching them these concepts at a young age, we will be able to save the children the emotional and social trauma of dealing with the challenges of life.

eN-Education programs

eN-Education programs

These Life solutions concepts are for all the children of god, applicable equally to the children and families in Florida to those on Mount Fujiyama. Not only normal children, this will also help the gifted children, abused children, children with special needs like children with disabilities, children with autism, children with ADHD and for kids with medical conditions like children with cancer, children with diabetes etc.

The life solution concepts are learnt as activities and games for Children so that they free the children from the understanding of complicated words but give them a complete understanding of knowing themselves and the people and the world around them.