Nithyananda Vidyalaya FAQs


01. What is the syllabus followed in the school?

We follow the CBSE & State board syllabus.

02. How do you help the children learn the syllabus?

Children learn using the BLISS curriculum. B-Bodily Kinesthetic (Physical), L-Linguistic (Language), I-Intuitive (Intelligence, Imagination & Instinct), S-Social-Emotional (Inter-personal and Intra-personal), S-Spiritual (Unite mind, body and spirit).

03. What is curriculum?

Curriculum is the way of teaching the syllabus.

04. Why should I enroll my child in your school?

We provide totality based education for the children. They become more intelligent, smarter, happier and knowledgeable individuals.

05. What do you mean by more knowledgeable?

Our specially designed program uses techniques that provide a Quantum leap in the memory capabilities of the children. This helps the children understand and store more knowledge.

06. Why are the children happier in your school?

Children are not forced to learn through traditional rote methods. Learning is made fun using activity based methods making it an enjoyable process.

07. How do they become Intelligent & smarter?

Our Curriculum is taught through the right brain mode of learning. This gives the children one whole new dimension of learning usually not experienced in the traditional way (left brain methods).

08. What is right brain mode of learning?

Our focus is on making them understand the fundamental concepts by helping them first know the big picture. The learning is emphasized through visual and activity based learning in addition to the traditional learning methods. Children understand better while doing projects than when just reading the concept from the book.

09. What kind of Spirituality is taught in the school?

Our focus is on uniting the body, mind and spirit using yoga & meditation

10. What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of balancing our internal energy, which when achieved, increases the ability to concentrate in the children.

11. How are the children able to concentrate more?

Children are taught to work in complete awareness (focus attention) of their surroundings. This makes them focus on the activities giving it the maximum attention and thereby learning and understanding the subject in a better and easier way.

12. Is this a religion based school?

No. We do not encourage any particular religion. The spirituality practiced only enhances the mental and physical lifestyle of the children. Children across religions can practice these simple techniques that make them happier individuals. Eg: Memory Techniques is not a religion concept but works for all.

13. What is activity based learning?

The learning is based on physical projects rather than only rote/theoretical learning. This helps children practice what they read from the books and are able to convert the reading into an experience.

14. What is totality based education?

The education is not based on fear or greed; rather, children are inspired to learn. Their focus on becoming better individuals propels them to achieve the best without feeling the stress. Totality based education helps the children radiate intelligence and energy, enhance their Quantum memory, practice blissful living and find inner peace.

15. What is the kind of disciplining followed?

Children are treated with the same respect that we as adults expect. Only positive disciplining measures are undertaken like counseling, parental involvement etc. Physical/corporal punishment, raising voice, shouting at children etc is not tolerated.

16. What are the various learning tools used?

We practice Development-appropriate learning tailored for your child – Books, Audio, Video and Kinesthetic methods, award winning children’s software, Montessori (activity based)method, educational toys, flash cards and so on.