Nithyananda Vidyalaya

Planet earth needs more and more people who are awakened and enlightened. The age group that transforms the fastest is youth.  We have created a brand new form of education, ‘enlightening education’ for children. This learning is based on stimulation of non-mechanical parts of the brain, right brain activity-based experiential assimilation, activating multiple intelligence channels and most importantly understanding life solutions.

Nithyananda Vidyalaya are co-educational, English medium schools founded across locations by the devotees of Swamiji. Nithyananda Vidyalaya is a home of knowledge designed to foster and kindle the natural intelligence of children.

The schools help the children understand they are uniquely great, they can appreciate others in their dimension of uniqueness and thus growing as a bouquet in life rather than the competition based world. Such understandings bring out new dimensions in the children. Life starts taking a positive turn for the children, teachers and schools. Children are very lucky to grow up with such an intelligent course which benefits them, their parents, their teachers and eventually their life style itself. They are open to any possibility that the life presents to them.

List of Nithyananda Vidyalayas:

1. Solur, Tamilnadu
2. Vadaseri, Tamilnadu
3. Chennai, Tamilnadu
4.  Bangalore, Karnataka (by 04 2011)