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Solur Nithyananda Vidyalaya

Nithyananda Gurukul Fellowship

Nithyananda Gurukul is the only school run under the direct guidance of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. We currently have children coming from various economic backgrounds. These children are excellent in studies as the pattern of education is guided directly by Paramhamsa. Due to lack of funds, some are forced to miss school. Here is a great opportunity to enroll yourself in extending your life through the life of another child by promoting their education. Sponsor a complete year of studying for a child. The academic progress of the child progress will be shared with you periodically.

Fellowship grant – US Dollars-1500 / Indian Rupees – 60,000.


Raman – Gurukul student

The fellowship will cover their boarding, lodging, tuition, books and stationery costs for an entire academic year.

Nithyananda Merit Scholarship

Nithyananda Merit Scholarship is used for reaching out to the children in the villages in and around Bidadi. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of economic status and/or academic performance. Offering you the best opportunity anyone can ask for, the gift of Saraswathi, goddess of knowledge to a child, for a lifetime of possibilities.

Scholarship grant – US Dollars-250 / Indian Rupees – 10,000.

The scholarhip will cover their tuition, uniforms, books and stationery costs for an entire academic year.

Nithyananda Educational Endowment Fund

Nithyananda Educational Educational Fund will be used for the running education related projects like setting up schools in villages, sponsoring books, stationery, uniforms etc for entire schools etc. The funds will be invested in secured investments and the interest income alone will be used on the various projects.

Endowment Fund (minimum) – US Dollars – 1000 / Indian Rupees – 40,000.

Nithyananda Life Solutions Grant

The mission offers various Life Solutions programs for children for the betterment of their Spiritual Intelligence. These courses are offered in schools through life solutions classes and children imbibe these great truths as part of their curriculum. Giving them an opportunity for the right understanding from the beginning helps in creating an enlightened society. Sponsoring Life Solutions programs in schools is a wonderful gift to the society of tomorrow by creating an enlightened civilization.

Life Solutions Grant – US Dollars – 1500 / Indian Rupees – 60000

This will provide eN-Vidyalaya life solutions classes for 50 children for an entire year.


Vadaseri Nithyananda Vidyalaya – Village School

Nithyananda Vidyalaya Rural School Fund

This project sets up schools in villages for children to imbibe the Vedic lifestyle of learning. Vadaseri and Solur are the pilot village schools currently run and supported by Swamiji. We are able to reach 100 to 300 children in each village. It is like adopting a community and developing them through right way of living and understanding.

Rural School Fund – US Dollars – 12,000 / Indian Rupees – 480,000

This will take care of the rent, maintenance, staff salaries, utilities etc, of a village school for an entire year.

Other sponsorship opportunities

Support the setup of high quality laboratories in schools for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computers etc.
US Dollars – 2500 / Indian Rupees – 100,000

Sponsor an educated & qualified teacher for a year –
US Dollars – 4000 / Indian Rupees – 160,000

Thank you for taking the first step in being part of the “eN” movement that is creating the conscious world of tomorrow.

For any further information, please contact us at eNEducation@nithyananda.org or call us at +919916593002 or +917760980640

You make the donations using one of the following ways:
Option 1: Credit Card – Coming Soon
Option 2: Check Payment
Step 1: Pay to the order of Nithya Gnanadhan Trust (if you are in India). For others outside India, Pay to Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust. Please mention eN-Education and your full name behind the check.
Step 2 : You can mail the check by certified mail or FedEx to our ashram in India:
Mailing address in India
Accounts Department,
Nithyanananda Dhyanapeetam,
Kallugopahalli, Off Mysore Road,
Bangalore District – 562 109.
Karnataka, INDIA
Step 3: After mailing your cheque, please send us an email at eNEducation@nithyananda.org with your name and address, check number, bank and the donation category. Your request will be processed after we receive the check. Please mention “eN-Education Donations” in your subject field.
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